Our Story

A Family Tradition

We are committed To Quality, Service, and providing a our customers with a great value!


In an industry overwhelmed by coffee conglomerates and nationwide franchises, Good As Gold Coffee is immensely proud that its family heritage lives on to the present day. Our roots date back to the late 1960s, when the Goldman family first formulated their vision: To spare no effort in providing coffee that emulates everything life should be — intensely rewarding, enjoyable and memorable.

Executing this vision — transforming sentiment into tangible action and results — meant traveling the world to source the best coffee and identify the most effective technologies, so that pairing the two would consistently yield delicious brews.

It took lots of hard work, but everything fell into place. And the experience gained in the process —learning the ins and outs of the industry, from sourcing beans to roasting, brewing and packaging —proved invaluable for assembling a team of top-notch coffee experts.

In the mid 80’s, Good as Gold Coffee got the opportunity to sell its coffees at Spag’s in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Spag’s was considered an early pioneer of discount retailing and because of the opportunity that Spag and Olive Borgatti gave to Dan Goldman, Good As Gold was able to showcase its coffees and build loyal customers throughout the United States.

Recognizing the need to mate the best coffees with the latest technologies to create a consistently delicious brew, Good As Gold started offering high quality varietal and estate coffees to its customers along with the newest coffee brewing systems.

Fast forward to 2014, we felt that equipment manufacturers were producing great equipment, but the coffee being brewed in the office was often not very good. Office Coffee services are not roasters and coffee roasters aren’t geared to provide the level of service that an office requires. 

Ever mindful of our founding (and guiding) vision, we decided to close the gap of freshly roasted coffee delivered to your office within one week of roasting.  We became the first coffee roaster in the U.S. to employ Advanced Air Roasting Technology. That means we operate custom-built air roasters that exceed all others in their ability to produce the most evenly and consistently roasted coffee beans available fresh to your office. 

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