Our Roasting Process

Introducing Air Roasted Technology

Only by advanced air roasting can we properly give justice to the coffee bean, by showcasing the land of its origin and the care and passion that nurtured its growth, maturation, and harvest. And only in this way can we produce taste beyond compare. We’ll never be satisfied with anything less.

Taste Beyond Compare!

In Air Roasting, hot air levitates the coffee beans. This provides the most even transfer of heat from air to bean leaving you with the most consistently roasted coffee. Good As Gold Coffee has custom built their own Advanced Air Roaster, the only one of its kind in the USA, to be able to control the process like none other. And due to the lack of burning and scorching, we are able to produce the brightest, cleanest, most vibrant coffee flavors. 

Create your own coffee blends in our roasting lab

We utilize our sample Air Roaster to hone in our our roasting recipes and blends before scaling those recipes to our production roaster. We also like to invite our customers into our roasting lab to work with them create their own signature brew or to just see how the process works. 

See All The Equipment In Our Tasting Lab

We created our tasting lab so that we can invite our customers in to see and try all the equipment that might go into their break-room.  This is really a great aid in deciding the right piece of equipment or combination of equipment. Every piece of equipment brews coffee a little differently, the tasting lab allows you to taste test the final product from each piece of equipment in one place. 

Good As Gold Coffee Roasters is our brand of Air Roasted Coffees that are from farms, regions, or co-ops that produce consistently delicious coffees year in and year out. As a restaurant, cafe, or business, consistency is key. The freshly roasted coffees that make up the Good As Gold line-up are consistently delicious from year to year. 

Airis Coffee Roasters is an evolving line-up of Air Roasted super premium coffees from select farms, co-ops, and regions from around the world. These are coffees that we may only be able to purchase in limited quantities, so once they are sold through we move on to another unique offering. 

We Invite You To Come To See Our Roasting Facility

If you would like to come down to Good As Gold to see if we are the right supplier to your business click below or call 800-322-0439

Good As Gold Coffee service roasts and provides coffee equipment for both office coffee locations and food service locations in Worcester, Boston, Springfield and other Massachusetts locations. 

If you are a business located outside of Massachusetts we still can customer roast your house blend and ship it fresh to you. Call us at 800-322-0439 to set up a time to see our roasting facility.

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