Bean2Cup Office Coffee Program

Our advanced air-roasting technology gives us the ability to produce the most evenly-roasted beans without burning or scorching – surpassing even conventional air roasting in its roasting precision – it enables us to achieve the brightest and cleanest flavor notes possible. We have chosen the VKI Eccellenza Touch to be our chosen Bean2Cup system and do our coffees justice.

For us, the Eccellenza touch uses a French press brewing system without the paper rolls. It offers 2 bean choices and 3 powder hopper choices for a selection of fresh brewed coffees, mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes.    

Using our roast to order Air Roasted Coffee Beans will truly elevate your Bean2Cup Office Coffee program. 

We provide our Bean2Cup Coffee Program to Worcester, Boston, Providence and everywhere in between.


Bean-to-cup brewer with the ability to brew one of 60 specialty beverages in under a minute with just a few swipes and a single touch. 10.1" touchscreen featuring intuitive selection process. Designed for large volume or specialty beverage use.

Get a Bean2Cup Brewer in your office today!

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