Flash Brew Your Ice Coffee Quickly (Video Series)

Have you Ever Wondered How To Make Delicious Ice Coffee Quickly? Flash Brewed Ice Coffee is your Answer!

Welcome to the start of our video series. There are so many tips and tricks in brewing coffee and we are working to share our knowledge with you in our new video series. The first video is how to make Ice Coffee fast. Whether it is summer or winter, we’ve all had a moment where we crave iced coffee but we just don’t have the time to brew and wait for it to get cold. Or, you pour hot coffee over ice and your ice coffee is just too weak. The following video will show you how you can make delicious ice coffee quick. Using your present coffee brewer and the flash brewed method you will wonder why you didn’t think of this little brewing tip earlier. 

Flash Brew Ice Coffee Recipe:

Step 1: Use the coffee you would normally use for 1 cup of coffee

Step 2: Fill the empty pot that you would brew into with ice

Step 3: Either using a coffee pot or a pitcher, fill it halfway with cold water (approximately 32oz). 

Step 4: Pour the cold water into your brewer to brew. If you have an automatic machine don’t press the button as that will give you 64oz of water. You need to be able to pour half the amount of water into your brewer.

Step 5: Once finished, your ice coffee is ready to be enjoyed!


If you would like to make your ice coffee stronger than you can either use less ice, less water, or both. The recipe we just went over is a great starting point. 

Flash brewing coffee is Japanese method of making ice coffee. Though we should you how to make ice coffee with one of the most common brewing methods in restaurants and offices, this brewing method can be done using many other types of brewers. At home, we do pourover flash brewed coffee, french press flash brewed coffee, and even flash brewed ice coffee using your single cup coffee maker. 

If you have any questions or curious about flash brewed ice coffee recipes than please comment on our blog or reach out to us at info@goodasgold.com.


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